Sarah Ann Cochrane Chapter
Plymouth, Michigan
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

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Our Ancestors

The Daughters of the American Revolution are especially proud of our ancestors who aided in the cause of our independence. All members must be able to prove their descent from at least one Patriot. The list below shows the ancestors of members of the Sarah Ann Cochrane Chapter only. There are thousands more that have been proven. If you share a common ancestor, please contact our Chapter Registrar for more information.


Moses Allen

Christian Althouse

Jacob Artz

Peter Ashby

James Baldwin

Abel Beach

William Boyd

Christian Brillhart

Job Broughton

Lewis Burwell

Johannes Clauser

Philip Adam Clauser

Joseph Clifton

Michael Coppenhaver

George Dickey

Richard Dickinson

John Dillard

Peter Dinger

James Eaton

William Ellis

John Micheal Enterline

Daniel Evans


Gerlach Paul Flick

Thomas Goin

Conrad Goodner

Enos Grannis

Samuel Gregg

Samuel Hadley

Obidiah Hammond

Asahel Hannum

John Hatcher

Christian Hess

John Nicholas Hoffman

Peter Hoffman

Jacob Hoover

Jonathan Hunt

Nicholas Janis

John Job

John Jump

Samuel Kelsey, Jr

John Philip Klinger

Philip Kuntzleman

John Adam Lebo

Preserved Leonard



John Adam Link, Jr

John Matter, Jr

Ezekiel Mulford

Alexander Negley

Casper Pateicher

Timothy Roberts

Robert Robinson

Thomas Rockhill

Henry Schadel, Jr

John Schenck

Michael Scholl

Josiah Solloway

Elephalet Spofford

Nicholas Stansell

Hasadiah Stebbins

John Dietrich Stonebreaker

Charles Strange

Reuben Thayer

Alexander Thomas

Richard Thompson

William Wescott

John Whitcomb

Peter Young


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